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New Beginning in God

  • By Antoinette Tuff
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  • Posted Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Everyone goes through something in life. Our problems are the foundation in building a strong faith. We trust in God to guide us along the right path, as he said in Psalm 23. However, what happens when God doesn’t move as quickly as we would like him to, when our problems seem as if they are never ending and when we start questioning God’s promises. Our relationship with God is weakened, and we lose hope.

I’ve been there before. When my husband left me, I had not the slightest idea about how I was going to survive. When I was told my son had a lifelong disability, I didn’t know how I was going to show him how to make the best of it. There have been situations in my life that have caused me to wonder “why me”, but God is always faithful and on time for every situation and difficulties that we may face in our lives. There were so many greater opportunities in my life, I just had to let go of the past, and walk into my new purpose.

Did you know that every question you ask against God’s word is a moment wasted in receiving your purpose? God lets us go through things to strengthen our faith. If God didn’t allow us to suffer, how would we know his word is true? It’s the realization that God will do as he has promised that makes our faith immutable.

During our new beginning, we must not let our faith alter because we don’t see a way out of our situations. We must pray, and ask for the strength to push pass the pain of hard times. We must believe that everything will be ok if we allow God to take control. Sometimes, you have to trust in the unknown to get a sense of peace. In every situation, we must realize that God’s plan even if it’s unknown is the best plan for our lives.

Matthew 6:34 says “Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries.” Don’t allow your worries to affect your relationship with God today. In everything you go through, always remember that God will be there to provide and guide you into your new purpose. Don’t let stress or depression overcome you. Trust in God, and know that through his word everything will be a new beginning for you.

Now, put a smile on your face, hold your head up high and go walk into your new purpose.