Are you questioning the environment in your company, organizations, nonprofit or school? Are you asking yourself is it an environment that is diverse and inclusive?

The Ultimate Diversity Blueprint includes diversity, inclusion and psychological safety which is also called DIPS. DIPS is a must in our culture today and including DIPS will allow your organization to succeed in creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Leadership teams that attend our programs understand that without a blueprint for intentionally building their company, organization, nonprofit or school culture by design they will end up with an ineffective culture by default.

As a result of your team attending one of our programs they will learn how to value, respect and increase productivity in the workplace in a safe environment.

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How Does It Work?

Have you ever asked yourself why could I pick this person to come into our organization to speak to our team? Let's see why you should hire Antoinette Tuff for your next event. Antoinette was able to convince an armed gunman with an AK47 and over 500 rounds of ammo to surrender his weapon, and ammo to her by using her "Tuff Tactics" (Compassion, Confidence and Control).

  • The Six Module Tuff Tactics Excursion

    Each program and keynote Antoinette offers have been purposefully and strategically established to benefit your organization. This is accomplished through the route of Six Module Tuff Tactics Excursion during your time in one of our The Ultimate Diversity Blueprint Program.

  • Organization Initiative

    When leaders in the organization commit to diversity and inclusion within the organization and create a psychologically safe environment for employees there is a win, win for success within the organization. Antoinette will help restore and revitalize everyone to reconnect to the heart of the corporation where everyone feels appreciated, valued and safe.

  • (3R's) Restore, Revitalize and Reconnect

    After leaders and employees are committed, it is time to restore and revitalize everyone to determine the preferred results. Antoinette will bring in techniques, tools and strategies to create a "win-win" for everyone. She will also get everyone involved in the process of laying the road map to success to help change the culture within the organization. Together we create "win-win-wins" for everyone involved!

  • Diversity

    This module will show you why you need diversity in your organization. Diversity is more than a slogan it's the choices that we make that create our culture, our society and our world. Understanding one another and how to work together effectively lead to greater health in our society and our businesses. In this training your team will walk away with a journal on diversity tips and techniques.

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion is where we make sure that everyone feels respected and included. We will make sure that everyone feels a level of supportive energy and commitment from each other. This is done so that the leadership team and employees both feel that the mind set of the organization is culturally changing in order to have an inclusive organization where everyone feels valued and feels a part of the organization's mission.

  • Psychologically Safe Environment

    We will teach leadership teams and employees how to communicate so that they will create a safe environment for the organization. Employees will see the benefit of speaking up in a safe environment without being penalized for their ideas.

  • Effective Communication

    Effective Communication is important within an organization in order for it to succeed. You will learn how to effectively communicate without feeling like your job is in jeopardy for speaking up and giving your opinions. Antoinette will teach the leadership teams and employees how to have the difficult conversations with each other where everyone feels respected and safe.

Let's Get Started

Choose an option below and set up a 30 minute DIPS Discussion. We can customize a program for your organization. Also, options for in-person or online programs can be discussed on our call.

Tuff Tactics

Kick Start Program Making DIPS extremely importance

  • 1 x 90 minutes Training Session
  • 4 x 1 hour Implementation
  • 1 x 1 hour Q&A Session (after four weeks)
  • or ½ day onsite training session

Tuff Tactics

Deep Dive ProgramLeadership Team and Employee Accountability

  • 6 x 1 hour Training Session
  • 6 x 1 hour Implementation Session

Tuff Tactics

Mastery Program Culture Leading to DIPS with Expertise

  • 1 x 90 minutes Training Session
  • 7 x 1 hour Training Session
  • 7 x 1 hour Implementation Session
  • 1 x 1 hour Implementation Session (Leadership Team)
  • 1 x 1 hour Implementation (Employees)
  • 2 x 1 hour Assessment Session
  • 1 x 1 hour Organization Connection Session
  • 3 x 1 hour LeaderID Team
  • 1 x 1 hour Q&A Session
  • 1 LinkedIn Group

We offer real-world instructional expertise

Our speakers are respected industry experts who have years of experience in their field. Mastery Program only

Antoinette Got Your Hands

Antoinette will give you and your team a hand just like she does with her youth in her nonprofit called Kids on the Move for Success.

As a result of attending The Ultimate Diversity Blueprint Programs, you will increase:

  • You will learn how to value, respect and increase productivity in the work environment.
  • You will improve engagement and communication at all levels of your organization.
  • You will create psychologically safe environments in today's turbulent times.
  • You will foster inclusion by overcoming hidden, systemic and unconscious biases.

Your culture is unique...

Your training, coaching, or consulting program should support your culture, plans for growth and philosophy. We have several programs and speaking topics available, which can be tailored into a program that will ensure that your time and money are well spent.

Virtual Presentation

Antoinette can present any of my programs virtually. Her office setting is professional, and she has high-quality equipment to broadcast her virtual presentation or she can utilize your platform.

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