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Diversity, Inclusion and Psychological Safety Speaker

Keynote Speaker - Virtual Presenter

Antoinette shares her story of being in a diverse environment and being able to have difficult conversations with a gunman on August 20, 2013 which convinced him to surrender his AK47 and over 500 rounds of use ammunition.

Antoinette will create an environment of diversity and inclusion for your organization. She has been praised for her professional association and ability to "talk down" the gunman from past President Obama to Law Enforcement around the world. She will show your organization how to create the same environment for your corporation, organization, nonprofit or school with her Tuff Tactics.

The audience will leave Antoinette's sessions knowing how to value, respect and increase productivity in the work environment.

The audience will also know how to improve engagement and communication at all levels of their organization and much more. If your organization's team is looking for change in this new normal or wanting its next event to be in person or virtual, Contact Antoinette today.

Collaboration for Crisis Resolution: Engaging Management Teams and Employees

The Crisis Intervention is designed to focuses on the importance of collaboration between management teams and employees in crisis intervention, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Participants will explore strategies to foster a cohesive and supportive environment, enabling efficient crisis management and promoting a culture of safety and well-being within organizations. By developing collaborative skills and leveraging the strengths of both management and employees, participants will gain the ability to effectively address crises and work towards peaceful resolutions.  All inspired by Antoinette Tuff's a true hero who defused a potential school shooting in Georgia through her remarkable 911 call.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the principles of crisis intervention and the importance of effective communication in de-escalation.
  2. Develop active listening skills to enhance communication during crisis situations.
  3. Learn effective techniques for building rapport and establishing trust with employees and management team in distress.
  4. Explore negotiation and de-escalation techniques to reduce tension and promote peaceful resolutions.
  5. Acquire strategies for managing personal emotions and maintaining composure in crisis situations.
  6. Develop self-care practices to manage stress and emotional aftermath following a crisis.
  7. Enhance problem-solving abilities to make quick and informed decisions in high-stress environments.
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Prepared for Excellence

Are you looking for a speaker to elevate students to academic, personal, and professional excellence? Antoinette Tuff is a dynamic speaker that empowers students to live purposeful lives through captivating storytelling. Tuff outlines practical strategies to accelerate goal achievement and provides tactics that help students thrive in diverse environments using her Tuff Tactics (Compassion, Confidence, and Control).

Antoinette's Tuff Tactics can be applied to the following situations:

  • The Power of Compassion: Understanding and Valuing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • More than Confident: Reimagining Self-esteem and Ability
  • Take Control: Strategies to Live Purposefully
  • Authenticity: Defining Your True Self
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Tuff Tactics, Action, Game Plan (T-TAG)….Bring Collaboration into the Workplace

Do your departments, divisions, employees and management collaborate to make sure your productivity and your organization are wining during this season?  If not, T-TAG workshops and, or keynote presentations will give your team techniques and strategies to work together in a safe, diverse and interconnected work environment.

Antoinette's Tuff Tactics can be applied to the following situations:

  • Bring management and everyone together to create a safe environment where everyone feels valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in the organization
  • Bring “Compassion, Confidence and Control” in the workplace to increase productivity, communication goals and to measure progress
  • “Hi, My Name Is” techniques to know your colleagues
  • Bring diversity, inclusion and safety within the workplace to create an inclusive environment for everyone in the organization, nonprofit or school
  • The management team will learn how to de-escalate situations in the workplace by using Compassion, Confidence and Control (“Tuff Tactics”)
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Conversations in the Crosshairs: How to Disarm Others

Preparation is the key to success in a hostile or life-threatening situation whether in person or virtually. Psychologically Safe Environments will teach your management team and employees how to have the conversation in the crosshairs with each other, and with your customers or audiences in a safe and authentic way.  This will enhance creativity, bring fresh ideas and spontaneous breakthroughs in the organization simply by using Antoinette’s Tuff Tactics (Compassion, Confidence and Control). Antoinette's Tuff Tactics can be applied to the following situations:

  • Fuller understanding of your team
  • How to deal with Hostile or Disgruntle employees or customers
  • Bring interpersonal relationships with manager, supervisor, employee or colleague
  • Violence in the workplace or school
  • How to handle an active shooter in the workplace or school
  • Interpersonal relationships (manager, supervisor, employee or colleague)
  • Creating safe environments within the workplace in person or virtually
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PREPARED for a PURPOSE: School Under Siege

Antoinette knows that her personal challenges, including financial struggles, a broken marriage, raising a disabled child, and her triumphs prepared her to handle the gunman that walked into the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. Her calling is to help individuals reach their potential.  While she believes that everyone is prepared for purpose in life, Antoinette also helps individuals and organizations find their unique purpose.

Antoinette's Tuff Tactics can be applied to the following situations:

  • Building teams within the organization
  • Creating a road map for the organization for growth
  • Goal setting with the organization to increase productivity and retention
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How to Disarm Your Toughest Customers and Employees

The ability to disarm an aggressor goes beyond the surrendering of a firearm, which Antoinette Tuff did with an active shooter at an elementary school on August 20, 2013.

In a global climate of political unrest and polarizing disagreements, there is a tremendous need for collaboration and personal connection. Whether you are leading or making global sales, Antoinette can show you how to apply her Tuff Tactics to your Sales and Leadership challenges and inspire your team with her story of courage and conviction.

Whether leading a work team or sales group being a leader starts with learning three basic core competencies: how to be Strategic, Influential, and Innovative so you can increase business opportunities, create accountable and productive teams.

Antoinette engages leaders in a conversation that will enable them to find common ground for connecting and listening to their peers, customers, and employees.

From everyday occurrences to high stakes risks, we are all experiencing threats that need to be neutralized and turned into Win-Win outcomes.  Antoinette will share her easy and straight-forward methods with your team.

Antoinette's Tuff Tactics can be applied to the following situations:

  • Defensive customers and employees
  • Heated or threatening situations
  • Disengaged employees
  • Vengeful personalities (customers, employees or strangers)
  • Sales technique and productive results
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Spiritual Emphasis Week


Main Stage – Think Out Loud



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