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Sit Quietly! God Is In Control

  • By Antoinette Tuff
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  • Posted Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Do you take time out of your day to sit quietly and reflect on life’s events?

I’m learning how to sit quietly and ask God to direct my path.

How often do you ask God to guide you in your personal life or business?

It’s easy to forget to seek God’s guidance when we’re attempting to accomplish our daily activities, but it must be done. God has positioned us in our situation to prepare us for our purpose. In knowing this, we must ask him for direction to fulfill his plan. He will make sure that our needs are met and our desires are satisfied if we allow him to take control.

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

God knows the steps we need to take to make our personal lives and businesses prosperous. We just have to remember that everything will bloom according to its season. He tests us before he blesses us. God will poor us out a blessing we have room not to receive once he knows that we can handle it.

I’ve come to find out that consulting God before I make a decision provides a sense of assurance. Before I learned to consult God, I hindered myself from receiving my blessings. I wanted to become successful my way, but my decisions always put me in unfortunate circumstances. It is for this reason that I let God orchestrate my steps because there is no wisdom greater than that of the Lord.

Today, I would like to challenge you to seek God first. Before you make a decision, ask God what he would like for you to do. God is ready to provide direction in your life; he’s just waiting for you to ask for it. So, while you are sitting there just take a moment and reflect on the things that you have desired and dream to do for years. Let go of the fear, anxiety and worry and say to God. I need your help to accomplish this desire and dream that I have in my head. Can you help me to move forward and stop focusing on my fear, anxiety and worry that’s keeping me from my destiny and purpose you have for my life?

It only takes these little words to say to God. It doesn’t have to be dressed up pretty. God is just looking for you to ask and for you to have a willing heart to receive his blessing for you.

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