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You Do Not Have to Handle Stress Alone!

  • By Antoinette Tuff
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  • Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2016

When you woke up this morning, did you have a smile on your face or did the stress of today’s activities instantly overwhelm you? It’s common for us, as people, to wake up with a million things running through our minds. Typically we are stressed before the sun rises, and with our to-do list growing longer by noon, we are even more stressed when the sun sets.

The stress we encounter each morning could come from several things. It could be school, work, marriage, being single or making sure your bills are paid. The key to dealing with the stress of these situations is asking God for wisdom and peace. As a married couple, you have to put God first in your marriage, talk with each other, help each other and walk each other through difficult times. As a single person, you have to spend time with God, study his word and He will give you the answers and direction you need to carry out his plan for you.

For me, a mother of two children and three jobs, my stress most often came from trying to support my kids monetarily while also attending school functions. I wanted my children to have everything they needed, wanted and desired, but the most important necessity for a child is a supportive parent—and that is what I still am determined to remain. When you become a parent, your children become your number one priority. You must commit to and then convey to them that you will be there no matter what you have to sacrifice. As a mother, I need my children to know that they are loved unconditionally. Even with my son who has multiple disabilities, I want him to know that no matter what physical limitations he may have, his mind is great and he has to push past the pain to walk into his destiny and purpose.

What challenges are your children facing in their lives, and how are you helping them with those challenges? Remember that you do not have to figure out the answers alone. No matter if you are a married or single parent, we as parents have to bring back some of the things our parents did to make us successful. Today, it still takes a community (or a village) to raise children to stay on the right path and pursue their destinies.

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